Best Web Design Sites For Web 2.0 Design Ideas

If you were online many years ago, before the internet first became a household word, maybe you can remember how jumbled and chaotic all those early webpages were. Everybody wanted to put everything they possibly could on their sites. It was like a giant collage of content, and the net surfer didn’t know where to aim the mouse first!

Now, we’re in the era commonly known as “web 2.0.” This is the age of eBay, blogs, social networking, wikis and instant messaging. The web has changed, and web design has changed along with it.

Web 2.0 design is the new and improved version of the internet. Gone are the endless, long scrolling screens, or the sites with tiny texts and bland colors. Web 2.0 design is simpler and bolder. As a webmaster, you should be hip to these changes to improve your internet marketing. To that end, here are a few of the best web design sites where you can hone up on web 2.0 design ideas.

Web Design From Scratch:

Web design is one of the more mystifying parts of starting your own website. Unless you are a “design person,” you may not know much about what looks good or bad, and what works and doesn’t work. This site is simple and straightforward, and has lots of easy explanations with screen shot examples.

The site is in a simple blog format. Along the left sidebar there are topics like “basics,” “design process” and “site architecture.” It not only discusses basic design principles (i.e. which designs work best), but that actual nuts and bolts of doing your own design in HTML or CSS. Everything is thoroughly covered, and the site walks you through each process step-by-step. The site also has a variety of tutorials that make it even easier.

Web Design From Scratch is a great general overview of the steps you need to take. It also shows you all the different options you have to choose from.

Photoshop Lab:

This site is colorful and easy to navigate. It has screenshots showing you exactly what to do, and simple tutorials that any idiot could use. With Photoshop Lab you can tackle some of the more complicated graphics programs that might now be intimidating.

The site has tips for using different programs, the latest news and reviews in the web design world, and a handy list of links to other sites with tutorials and tips. You can also search the site for specific information.

Photoshop Lab is a more topic-oriented site, so it’s most useful when you’re looking for some specific information about your design.

Template World: []

Here’s a site that you can really use. This site offers you templates that you can use for your sites. This takes some of the headache out of having to design your site pixel for pixel.

Along the sidebar they list different categories. If, for example, you have a pet-oriented website, you can click on the “animals” category, and it shows you the most popular templates.

Template World has a huge variety of great ready-made website designs, but there’s one catch – it’s not free. You have to become a member, and membership runs about $50 for a half-year. But, that’s still cheaper than hiring a designer to make it for you.

We really shouldn’t be complaining about how tough it is; designing a website has never been easier than it is today. You can do it all by yourself with any one of these handy Web 2.0 design websites – they’re the best.

Traits of the Best Web Design Company

Best web design company is one that can create a search engine friendly, fast downloading and W3C compatible website in quick time. There are many firms that claim to create compelling websites but you should beware of frauds that make tall claims just to earn quick money. Website designing is an art and a designer needs to understand the business he is going to transform in a website. Internet is a bigger marketplace and a designer needs to know what works on the web. There are billions of websites on the Internet and it is a challenge for a designer to create a website that truly represents the business, it is designed for.

Best web design company is one that can make a website that is the exact replica of the business it is representing on the Internet. A designer expects from a webmaster to give him a rough sketch of website he wants to design. But a majority of webmasters are unable to draw a rough print of the website they are dreaming of. It is the quality of a designer to know what a webmaster wants and give him exactly the website he wants. In other words, the webmaster and the designer have to work in tandem to create a fully functional website.

Best web design company is one that can re-design an old website and give it an all new look and theme. Many webmasters want to re-design their websites instead of getting a new websites. Some websites just need a few extra pages and balancing of the design elements. The designers should be ready to do this renovation work but they shouldn’t take it lightly as re-designing a website is more difficult than creating a fresh website. If you have website but it is not getting traffic then consider refreshing your web pages with new content, pictures and graphics.

Best web design company is one that is accessible and always happy to help. It is the duty of a designer to keep the webmaster updated about the designing of his website. The webmaster should be informed by the designer at each stage and should proceed further only after getting a green signal from the webmaster. The website should be made live after checking its performance and W3C compatibility. The webmaster may raise some issues during the designing of his website. The designer should take note of each issue raised by the webmaster and resolve the issue satisfactorily.

Things to Consider When Looking For the Best Web Design Company

Websites are the heart of every online venture that you should be aware of! It should provide relevant information along with pleasant viewing to all its users, achieved through quality web development and designing services. With advancements in the field of internet marketing and web technologies, now the market is over-flooded with avowedly best design company. Therefore, selection of a good website company has become a tricky task. If you want to reach to any worthy decision, consider these following points before finally venturing out on any web design company:-

• Experience- A best designing company with years of experience is undoubtedly competent in understanding customer needs and requirements, rendering relevant solutions. Experience helps in honing expertise that directly impacts productivity. A web design company rendering services like Application development, SEO, brand building, etc for years should be kept on top of the list.

• Service portfolio- always make sure to check a web design company’s service portfolio. Go through the range of service packages provided by the company along with their expertise level in every domain of website designer. The richer the service portfolio of the company, the better the chances of receiving multifarious design solutions under a single roof.

• Methods of working- checking on the workflow as well as the work procedures followed by an apparently best web design company will save you from the unnecessary worries and troubles. Those companies following unorganized and complicated workflow will demand your presence, delaying web designing and development projects unnecessarily. Talk about their working methods and go with systematic and simplified one. This will save your time and money, ensuring timely submission of assigned projects.

• Reputation- Get ready to do a thorough research on the some best known companies to know more about their company profile along with their market reputation to reach to a decision. Go through the company website, check their clientele and accomplishments and don’t miss out on their client’s feedback. Or simply search over the internet to find information about the company through online forums, communities and groups. Never trust a web design company without checking its credibility.

• Cost effectiveness-.It is vital to measure the cost effectiveness of the company’s web design solutions. Check whether the company is out of your pockets or not and for that you can even ask for quotations from some best designing companies. Compare your needs with the company quote to get cost effective web design solutions at affordable rates.